Monday, April 14, 2008


On pager last week, reasonably quiet except for Wednesday when it wouldn't stop going off! Still I was glad when Friday came around and that I was not 'on' for the weekend.

Entered my first riding comp in over a year, A combined training event out at Wandin, so big and open... Mojo was terribly excited - which was not good news for me. My first ever dressage test and I came dead last, Mojo simply would not settle and jogged thru where he should have been walking and traveled sideways instead of straight down the line. The judges commented that I 'did the best I could' given that Mojo was so unsettled. Fared better in the show jumping arena with a clear round - albeit some time penalties - at least I stayed on which was more than some other poor competitors.

Benching is still giving me grief. Delt pain is so intense - but only when I lift, doesn't trouble me for day to day stuff, ohh it does play up at night sometimes, the way I sleep I think.

Deadlifted well on Thursday night, heavy partials, Worked in with one of guy's that George is training whose name escapes me, anyway we were both doing 3's at the same weight - although he made it look a little easier - I think it was his determination not to look bad against a woman - LOL.

Lower back was pretty sore into the weekend but I was keen to ride at DARC. Dressage was a little boring and quite hot sitting on our horses in the arena in the sun. The show jumping lesson was more fun and the instructor encouraged me to have a go at cantering over the jumps which Mojo took in his stride - even managed a low grid which was 3 jumps very close together - like bouncing over the jumps - no strides between. I was trying to slow Mojo be he went at them at a canter. Adrenalin plus!

Pony Club on Sunday for Madii, while I helped out back at the working bee.... had to shift piles of pine logs used to build jumps on the new cross country course that we are getting. Needed to move them into the compound so they don't get stolen (the clubhouse was broken into during the holidays - kids, took the drinks, chocolate stash and the kettle. Yeah, the kettle - go figure!)

Anyways, result = trashed lower back from the training, riding and working bee... Tonight it has to hold up for an intense squat session - I think Leigh has plans to make me cry.


PS. Bobo... yes the stats on Andy's page are out of date. My current stats are on the right side panel of this page.

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