Saturday, March 29, 2008

Change of plans

Leigh suggested that we train on Friday morning rather than Thursday night which suited me quite well as my upper back was still a little sore from back training on Tuesday. Plus Madii was desperate to go a pick up her new phone, a Hiptop Slide. This also afforded me a $200 JB Hifi voucher which after sweet talking the salesman I was able to get a $50 discount on the Office 2007 software I've been after to connect/sync my Dopod. The software was (over)priced at $299 so with my discount and vouchers I only had to shell out $49. Not bad, especially as I hate paying for software.

Training started at 6.30 am, which as we discovered is not my best time of the day. My enthusiasm to train was thwarted by my inability to lift heavy at that time of the morning. Persevered thru partial deadlifts, but not to my usual standard. Continued after that with some rowing, shrugs and finally hamstring work - lying leg curls.

Breakfast minus the training debrief, Leigh still deaf from his ear infection, or whatever it is, so very difficult communicating. Spent the time writing messages on the napkins in the cafe.

Back home in time to get up the paddock and catch Mojo for new shoes and then off to a cross country clinic for Madii and Mojo.

Fell asleep in the recliner waiting to pick Madii up from a party later that night. Soooo tired.

Today trained with Leigh again at Doherty's. This time a little later... like 12 noon!

Dumbbell press with neutral grip
Incline dumbell - extreme pain right shoulder traveling down into the triceps - dropped weight back to like 10kg dumbells. This is the shoulder that I'm having physio treatment for - I'm getting so frustrated with this and nothing seems to be helping.
Light shoulder press - just trying to get some blood into the affected area.

Seated raise - 3 sets toes in, 3 sets toes out.

Discussed over lunch (as much as possible with Leigh being deaf...) my debilitating shoulder problem and the possibility to stopping benching totally for a while. Reality is that I will not be making any gains in my bench press this year. This is quite depressing.

Went over to Shazza's to see her new place, she's only moved in today. Only a quick visit as her BF, Brett, was there and I didnt want to impose too much while they were busy getting the place set up. Few things I'd like to chat to her about but no chance... it can wait.

Earth hour tonight, I will turn off as many appliances as I can but I'm not sitting in the house in the dark all by myself for an hour... stuff that, I'll have one light on and read my book (with my nerdy classes on) Talking of earth hour its 7.50 so I'd better go and start turning off thing and make myself a latte before turning Silva off.

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bobo said...

Dear Vicki, Could you please find it in your heart to possibly update or post your bicep and thigh measurements for us your fans. Your biceps look incredibly bigger than the 14" posted on andy's site. A picture of them measured on your blog would be awesome! Keep up the killer lifting and good luck. Vin.