Monday, March 24, 2008

In a rut

Lately life just seems to be rolling by. Day after day of the same old thing. Sitting in bumper to bumper traffic along the freeway and Hoddle street. Some mornings taking over an hour to get to the office to face an endless queue of software bugs to be reviewed and backports to be processed, pager going off monotonously. Basic repetitive training, rehab work, painful ITB massage......

Early morning traffic & city skyline from the freeway

some time later on Hoddle street...

Nationals are still my goal this year but I'm having to think carefully about about it. With it being the only comp this year, it may wind up being a practice run for 2009 - an expensive one if I do go as its in Perth, Western Australia.

On top of that I've recently completed the nerd look by acquiring a pair of reading glasses. Long distance vision is perfect, but close up - forget it. While I was in at the new NIB health insurance center claiming back yet another remedial massage I decided to have an eye test with their in-house optometrist and the result, as I've just said is I need glasses for reading, not for my computer work - just reading (and painting my nails!)

Easter long weekend, Leigh attended an auction by telephone from my place and later we watched episode 11 of Underbelly - unfortunately there seems to be a problem with the sound which I'll investigate at with my 'supplier' next week.

Saturday morning up early and we drove to Beechworth for the day, stopping at Avenel for breakfast. While we were there I took time out to visit the museum and get this photo of my great grandfather, Michael Considine.
Michael Considine
Also drove out to the cemetery to see my great grandparents grave - a bit of family history!
Beechworth Cemetery

Back on the home front, a family of magpies have decided to adopt us and have been calling in daily for a feed. Such bold little characters they've been taking the food from our hands.


This morning we were treated to a couple of white cockatoo's - but I'm not feeding them, they're known to be quite destructive to timber deckings!

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