Monday, March 10, 2008

Oops I did it again....

Still rather slack on the blogging side.... but.... my exciting news....

Powerlifting & bodybuilding legend!

Bev and myself with Bev's Daughters either end, Tara and Haley.

What an amazing and inspirational woman, living in the U.S. but a true blue aussie at heart.

KING of the Bench....

goes to...
you guessed it....

Shaun Bostock

who weighed in at 146.4kg, benched 'only 300kg' as he put it!

2nd place Paul Nay (255kg) & 3rd Yuval Bar (220kg)

The next few placings were very close with body weight being a determining factor:
Daniel "Chucky" DiPasqua 220kg
Rhys Jameson 240kg (who works at Definition part time...) Rhys took a 4th attempt at 260 but unfortunately missed the lift and it looked as tho' he burst an eardrum in the process.
Steve Kirby 220kg
and awesome lift from Queensland teenager Guy Belgrove, 180kg at age 19! Go Guy!!

There were some big attempts from Martyn Girvan (240kg) and Dave Park (280 & 300) both from Apollo gym, but unfortunately not successful on the day

Unfortunately I don't have any pics from the bench comp as I was on the scoring table along with my fellow powerlifter Louise VuDuy. Good to hear that she is also planning to make the trip across to WA later this year for the Nationals - Victoria will have a strong team!

Also I missed the local show that was on prior to the pro-show, so no pics there either, but looked to be a strong although small lineup.

Random pics from the Pro show will be uploaded later (once I sort thru them).

Foot notes:
My review with Mark Blackney (my toe surgeon) resulted in a cortisone injection into the joint (read OWWWWW) While the joint now has more movement, the arthritis is still a problem, hence more Mobic and the injection. If there is still a problem in a couple of months, Mark will inject a local anaesthetic into the joint and we'll have a go at some hard core manipulation of the joint and if all else fails he'll cortisone it a few weeks before Nationals so at least it wont hurt.

SO at this stage, still no running and with daylight savings coming to an end soon, this has been my least successful "summer running" to date.

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