Friday, February 29, 2008

Where's Wally?

Been a little unmotivated to blog lately. Unless I manage to blog my training or whatever immediately I find myself accumulating 'updates'.

Of course my training has been far from unmotivated and I've come away from each session feeling both drained and elated.

Squats have been 'back to basics' - Light 60 - 90kg, 5x5's 8x3's and super deep, butt to the floor. Hack squats, hack squats and more hack squats - some full, some partial. Again light and always hitting rock bottom.

Benching with with the same routine, concentrating on 5x5's alternating with 8x3's then trying some incline dumbells (which have to be light due to my rear delt impingement), upperback face pulls, wide rowing and tricep press.

Deadlifting has consisted of rack pulls from below the knee 8x3's conventional style - last night pulled 140kg and rubbed the skin off my thumb - amazing how the little things hurt so much. Rope pull thrus @ 150, lots of reverse hypers and throw in some ab work at the end.

Tonight - off to the movies to see Rambo (!?!)
Tomorrow - no chance to slep in as Madi and Mojo have their first event for the year (after EI has been lifted), so we're off to Yarrambat for state trials.
Sunday - Pager, glorious pager... (not).

Pro show next weekend, I'm still trying to get Damon's excel spreadsheet to work for recording the bench press attempts.... yes I'm in IT but these windows apps leave me cold....

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Stu said...

Good to hear that the training is going in the right direction!