Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sore legs - again!

Dinner Thursday night with Leigh for Valentines day. Early start Friday morning, like 4am, as Leigh stayed over the night and was off to Toowoomba for the weekend to attend an auction at the national antique & bottle show.

Partial Deadlifts Friday night with the knurly bar.... big mistake... Ripped callouses of both palms. 120kg, not all that heavy but given the below knee starting point I found it tough going. Followed this up with pull thru's, reverse hypers and front raises (shoulder rehab).

Watched the much publicized and banned episode of Underbelly - excellent show can wait for the remaining 11 episodes to be uploaded each week!

No training at the weekend since Leigh was away. I know - slack! Shoe shopping at DFO Essendon Saturday morning - came away with a couple of bargins and then headed to Brunswick street with the girls for a latte from Atmoica. Couch potatoed on Sunday morning with Leah, Andrew and Madii watching 3 episodes of Cashmere Mafia - This is going to be a big hit here I'm sure.

Sunday night, surprise surprise! Starving hungry for dinner, Leah insisted on delaying dinner for no known reason until I heard the familiar sound of Leigh's ute coming up the driveway, hang on he was supposed to be on a plane to Sydney for some more wheeling and dealing..... Finally we could have dinner :-) and watched Underbelly again.

Saw Shazza at Doherty's last night with her new beau. She seems well smitten with this young guy. ;-)

Training per Leigh's instructions (focussing on depth not weight)
5x5 very deep no belt knee wraps only
4x16 full hack squats - hit the bottom
3x15 leg extentions. (to failure)

Not quite as tough as last week, but legs still fatigued - Leigh wasn't there to berate me for any failures! But I did miss our post workout walk and debrief over a latte.

2008 MuscleTech Aus Pro Grand Prix is being held on March 8th - Check out Doherty's website. The Australian IFBB Pro Grand Prix VIII will also include the "King of the Bench - Pro Bench Press" as well as the NPFC All States Amateur Bodybuilding competition. I've agreed to help out on the scoring table for the bench press comp. Should be a great show.


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