Tuesday, February 12, 2008

dear diary....

Friday Feb 8

Romanian deadlifts 6x8
Rope pull thru's 6x10
Reverse hypers 3x15
Hanging leg raise 3x10
Standing ab curl 4x10
Overhead front raise (light - shoulder rehab)

Saturday Feb 9

Up early for Adult Riders Club. Groomed and tacked up by 9.30, headed off to Bucks reserve where the clubhouse is. First order of the day is to pay my membership fees for the year.... $145.00 plus the $10 instructors fee (which is paid at every rally), then out on the arena, sans horse, to setup the jumps. 11.00 am the first lesson starts - show jumping (little jumps) starting off with trot poles and gradually building up to to cross rails. By the end of the lesson we are all going over a 5 jump course with a little cantering between jumps. Really good confidence builder for the first lesson back after such a long break. 2nd lesson was dressage - pretty boring as the instructor spent most of the class instructing just one person who was having a problem with a new horse, trotted in circles 'forever' got a couple of canters in, polish the seat, polish the seat.... I need to NOT rise so far out of the saddle... polish the seat.... Inner thighs and lower back really got a caining. Quick meeting afterwards on the verandah to discuss the new cross country course and fund raising activities to meet the cost of a budget blowout for the course and new arena (to be built) and then tacked up again and rode home.

Leigh came over for dinner and then we're out to the movies, stopping in Prahran afterwards to share a late night pizza.

Sunday Feb 10

Up at 8, made my special porrige for Leigh and myself and then had to head off to Pony club with Madi - Mojo had a hard weekend.... Spend the day running between home and the pony club trying to get some housework done. Sunday night collapsed in the recliner - where did the weekend go?

Monday Feb 11

Squatting at Doherty's

Deep, deep squats - something I am not used to. 80kg x3's with knee wraps. Had a couple of failures but as I moved on each set seem to get easier.
Hack squats, no lockout, with some forced reps.
Leg extensions 3x15 light but very taxing.

Legs were trashed... Leigh, mucking around. pushed me forward, I only managed a couple of steps before my legs gave out and I was on the floor laughing. Gave them a good stretching out and then down the street for a latte and session debrief.... and I copped an arse whipping - literally - as Leigh picked up a stick that had fallen off a tree and processed to whack the back of my legs with it until it broke across my backside. Punishment for failing in the squat - Yeeoooowww!

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