Thursday, February 07, 2008

The week in review


My last day of holidays (weekends dont count) and Madi's first day back at school.... booked myself a 1 hour remedial massage at Fearnly. Bliss!


I'd decided to chuck out my old, old, old 2nd hand dining chairs (crappy) and so went to 'Early Settler' store to look at some new ones. Madi found 6 nice cushioned wood chairs that had been marked down from $195 each to $110 and down again to $89. A couple of them were slightly damaged so I picked the best 4 with the help of the Salesboy who seemed quite taken with Madi, you know, throwing cushions at her and generally being silly.... anyway he must have been so distracted with her that he mistakenly charged my on $49 per chair.... I scooted out of the store quick smart with my bargains!

7am Sunday

Police Centre Gym (Leigh was expecting it to be empty.... however there were a few guys in from the Force Response Unit (FRU) - sadly they were not in uniform... :-)

Bicep dumbell curls
Preacher curl machine
Hammer curls

Tricep press down
Seated incline o/head cable press
Seated reverse grip press

Followed by breakfast at 'The Fitz' in Brunswick st, Fitzroy.

The rest of my day involved loading the truck with stuff to take down to the road for the hard rubbish collection - with much help from Madi.

Big cleanout of the garage too - now I have soooo much room!

7pm Monday

Squat Lockouts sets of 5 reps @140kg and sets of 3 at 160kg (easy)
Jump squats with 20kg (felt like nothing on my back!!) still have trouble jumping out of the bottom tho'.

Jason and Mil were there squatting too. With them another new face, but obviously not new to powerlifting..... introduced himself to me... Kevin. No sign of Shaz or Jojo.....

Legs were 'heavy', thats the only way I can describe them - even the next day.


Jigsaw puzzle arrived in the mail at work. Thomas Barbey 'Tourist Trap'

Spent the night on the floor.....

6.30pm Wednesday

Bench 2x8 @ bar, 2x8 @ 40kg, 2x5 @50kg, 5x5 @ 55kg
Bench lockouts 15 @ 70kg (each rep required me to re-setup - so like singles but not...)
Lying dumbell press 4x8 @ 25lb

Had been to see Andrew Lock earlier - now have some new rehab exercises for my rear delt. Lying face down with 1kg dumbells and lifting my arms superman style - 25 reps twice a day along with the lying rotator cuff work.

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