Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21 2009

Post comp slackness has settled in, but at last an update....

My old federation CAPO held its state titles at the weekend. I went along to support my friend Jojo and was surprised to see Maria competing who, as she explained, was only doing this as a 'training' comp for bigger things later in the year. Unfortunately she'd been sick leading up to the comp and bombed her 195kg squats. Pity 'cos I would have like to seen her lifts in the bench and deadlift. That really just left Jojo in the open. It was a pretty small comp, 12 competitors I think, 4 of them female, but that's not to say that there wasn't some great lifting and I got to perve on Shaun Bostock in between lifts :-)

Guilia Mormile set a new Junior record in the Deadlift at 130kg and JoJo.... well, she just blitzed 'em in all 3 disciplines - so proud of her! Scoring herself a National squat record for the Senior Women/75kg division with a massive 175kg squat, followed by a 105kg bench press and 165 deadlift and another National record for her overall total of 435kg in the Senior Women/75kg division. I think I came away a little hoarse after screaming for the lifters that I knew! Gotta be stoked for Jojo tho'!! What a massive effort from her and such a big leap from her lifts at last year's nationals - she's one to watch!!

Other competitors that I knew at the comp: Steve Brown, unfortunately bombed in the squat but scored an easy 180kg in the bench press and Martyn Girvan, 230kg. Mind you for some reason Marty came out and did a token squat at 65kg - yep 65.... not quite sure what that was all about.... :-)

Jojo 175kg squat

Jojo 165 Deadlift (published WITH her permission....)

Guilia 130kg deadlift


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