Tuesday, April 07, 2009

April 8 2009

Comp overview:

Competitors meeting at 7.30pm night before the comp, checked in all my gear. They're very thorough! Even asking what underwear I'd be wearing... Ummm Mossimo? I don't think CAPO ever once checked my lifting gear.

Arrived at 7am for the weigh in (after having been at the competitors meeting until 9.30pm the previous night) Weight 67.2kg whoo-hoo 300grams under.

Lifting started at 9. Very nervous!

Got my first squat in at 115kg with one red from the centre ref. Leigh thought I'd missed the lift as he saw it, I'd put the brakes on and not punched down at the bottom.
Attempt 2, clean 125kg.
Attempt 3 132.5kg. ughh totally messed up my setup, my left knee wrap was loose and I took the bar out WITHOUT locking my fingers on the bar, rushed the whole thing and failed at the bottom of the squat.

75kg - easy lift
80kg - also very easy
85kg - A little work to get the bar up only to be red lighted for lifting my bum off the bench. So this is a setup issue that I need to work on, but I know I can get the lift.

Opened at 140kg - Easy way to impress the refs.
Attempt 2, Again, a nice clean 155kg with no problem what so ever.
Attempt 3 165kg - Shyte, this one felt like it stuck to the floor! Really slow pull, slow enough for me to think clearly 'Fuck its not coming up'. The bar finally came off the floor and I locked it out - not my best technically but got the white lights!

Buggered off for a latte down Carlton with Leigh and then I went back to watch the rest of the comp which didn't finish until around 10.30pm. Leigh had pointed out some familiar faces in the crowd earlier when I was squatting, that brought a smile to my face, so I went and sat with 'Fire n Ice' and her Mum. (Thank you, it was great to see you both and catch up!!) And a flying visit from Jojo too, who had another friend competing in the men's section.

As Fire n Ice mentioned in her comment, ASADA were present at the comp in the afternoon, all men, so no women being tested... And eoowww, not one of them cute enough to take into the toilets ;-)

At the end of the comp we were asked (told) to move all the equipment back into the gym... It was around 11.30 when finally the trophy's were handed out. Only the trophy's. No ceremony, even the podium was packed away. I know it was late but for all the competitors who hung around all day, not to receive their participation medal was pretty poor. So funny tho', I didn't expect to win, I really thought Rikki had it over me, I thought the trophy was an 'encouragement award', a really nice one so I had to ask twice what it was for! Robert must have thought I was so dimwitted. The best part tho' was earlier, when Rikki presented me with the club T-shirt - I've earned my place, I belong :-)

Thank you.
I want to thank Webby, James and Tristan who all came along to the comp, quite unexpectedly I might add, although they missed my lifting :-) It was great to see everyone and have so much support! I also want to thank all my new friends at Southern Powerlifting Club with a special mention to Deb and Travis who kept us all in order. And Leigh - who once again got me over the line. MWAH!

Madii's zombie party (her 17th) was in full swing when I finally got home. Thankfully Leah and Andrew were there to supervise. I think I fit in well with the zombies tho.... At least by the time time I unwound and had a shower the zombies were mostly either gone or quietly watching family guy.... I went to bed but it was still hard to sleep.

Back at work Monday. OMG where does it all come from.... so much in the queue. Booked in a much needed massage on Tuesday, upper back, erectors and glutes.... but don't touch the legs... They're so bruised!

Training clips from the last session before the comp at Doherty's Gym in Brunswick - 115kg, 125kg and ill-fated 132.5kg (which I should have got at the comp!) Just to show that I CAN do it.




These are the frames taken from those clips at the bottom of the squat which I then used to check depth. 125 on the left and 132 on the right.

Well, I have this week off training and then it starts all over again next week. Back to 80kg raw squats - Yumm!


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Stu said...

A BIG congratulations Vicki!!!

I found the video's very interesting and of course a little scary, wow 132.5kg!!!

Again, great stuff.