Friday, April 24, 2009

April 24, 2009

The weekend looms, but no joy for me. On pager for the 3rd fortnight weekend in a row. It sucks to work 12 days straight so often, but this should be the last weekend until mid June. Something of a reprieve.

My first night off training this week, although last night was just an 'accessory' session. Not so motivated without Leigh there. I had to ask Pepe to remind why I was there. "to pick up, love" he joked, so I picked him up, literally, baby style in my arms. Anyhoo, plan to spend the evening in the recliner and watch some shows I've recorded during the week. I think Lindt Bunny will meet his demise or at least lose his ears.

Have worked out my peaking cycle with Leigh, the next 12 weeks are going to be tuff, but I'm super enthused! I need to review my supplement supplies, Leigh is going to top me up with some creatine and glutamine that he has stashed, I've already begun loading creatine, although I'm not massive believer in the stuff. Glutamine I feel works for me. Beta-alanine - the good one, means I'll have to pay a little more for it :-( if for no other reason than I like the tingling feeling you get after taking it hehehe. And I have some leftover pre-workout protein powder that I'll incorporate somewhere/somehow - trying of course not to blow out my weight.

Caught up with Jojo last night for a latte, she's still on a high from her win at the weekend - and so she should be! I'm still wound up about it. She's stoked about her deadlift, I'm stoked about her squat.... She was off to get a massage today from Shaun Bostock (lucky her) and then she'll be back in training for the CAPO nationals in August being held in Canberra - about 3 weeks after my IPF/PA Nationals which are in Sydney. I'm thinking I might drive up to Canberra to see her compete, perhaps take my time, call in to a couple of wineries, perhaps stop overnight in Albury. Melbourne - Canberra is about 8 hours drive 670ks, but I think I'd rather take my time and have a bit of fun along the way.

Working from home again next Thursday, sheesh, making a habit of this.... Get this, put my car in for its 40,000k service on Monday and got it back with a cracked windscreen..... They're replacing it Thursday!

Still haven't booked in my dreaded leg massage, deciding whether to get Ruth (soft) or Kellie (extra hard) to do it. Need to get that in next week, the following week I'm back on pager (aka don't get away from the desk!)


PS. while looking for the easter bunny pic I came across this oldie.... LOL


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