Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nov 14, 2009

Training review.


Max squat at Doherty's
Raw warmups to a triple on 100
suit on for a 110 triple, 120 double, 130 single
140 fail - went down but not back up - overthinking the process.
140 but shallow - loss of confidence
140 clean.

walkouts and shallow pin press @ 160 3x3
Good mornings 40/5 60/5 70/5 80/5 90/3

Speed Bench at Defo

Pin press  warmups up to 90 then 95x5x5
Speed  50 5x5
Bar pullups 5x5
Rear delts 15x15, 25x15 x2, 20x15
Biceps 20x10 x3
Cable bicep 20x12 x3

Wed - rest

Max Deadlift  - Stinking hot!
warm up raw to 120 sumo
belt on for 140
suit on for 150x2, 160x1 170x1 180x1 180xdropped it 180x1  (see video)

Friday - rest - massage.

Max Bench at Apollo
worked up o 70 raw - attempted 80 but failed.
Black shirt: 100 worked down from 3 board, 2 board, 1 board
Next rep was touch and go and too low to be legal in IPF but I got it up,
2nd attempt  was better bar placement
3rd attempt was a struggle to lockout - not sure how much Martyn helped on that one......

3 board 120x3
4 board 140x3
Lockouts definately not as strong this week.

Little black shirt is fitting better - no numbness, no pins and needles, no pain - per say, except for that of the actual press  :-)

I'm actually enjoying benching a little more now that I feel I am lifting an acceptable weight.  100kg @ 67.5kg bodyweight is respectable.  :-)

On pager today - last day of a very long week of P1...  Tomorrow is my eldest brother's birthday - 60!!   Actually it was last week but we're having a lunch tomorrow at my sister's.  Thank God I'm the baby of the family.  Sheesh, they're all getting old... not me  !!


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Ali - MesoCorp said...

I wish more people, whether they're interested in physique, figure or PL, applied some of the work you just described. What a week! :)