Friday, November 06, 2009

November 6 2009

The week in review

Monday: Squat
Still having a lot of trouble getting into the squat suit - fatty fatty boombah....
3x1 @135
Good mornings: triples up to 80kg
and accessory stuff.....

Tuesday: Speed bench
Pin press  5x5 @90 (approx 3 board height)
Speed 5x5 @50
and accessory stuff.....

Wed: Massage

Thursday: Deadlift
Into the dealift suit much easier having dropped almost a kilo since the weekend.
3x1 @175

Little bit lazy on the last rep - lost a bit of speed and didnt totally lock out, grip failed but then I was using the smooth bar which is sadly also bent...  :-(

Pause squats 5x5 @50 - trying to instill a motor action for keeping my knees out
Stiff leg cable pull thrus 3x30 @  80, 100 & 120

Friday: Chiro appt

Thanks for your comment Lifecare Sports Medicine Clinic.
I've pretty much used up all my Health insurance Physio cover for this year :-(
The Physio's at Melbourne Sports Medical center look after me pretty well.  That being said,
do you recommend anyone in particular?


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