Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 31 2009

Bench 1-0-2.  

I am soooo sore! 

I never new retracting my shoulder blades could leave me in so much pain - good pain I guess, the worked hard kind of pain not injury pain. I felt great when I left the gym - the endorphins I think, but by the time I got home my whole upper back had seized and my left bicep was aching....

But the pain was worth it!  I doubled 75kg raw! and with the bench shirt on I worked up triple @ 90 on 3 board then a triple @100 on 3 board.  Stayed at 100 and the boards started coming down, triple on 2 board, then singles - 1 board, 1/2 board.  Finally went for the touch on the shirt but couldnt get it.  At this point Martyn explained a bit more on how to get the bar to touch and pointed out that my shoulders started to come forward - hence the really hard retraction needed to combat that.  Another attempt and a quick touch but no lockout, but it came off the chest easy!

Back to some more board work.  3 board press triple @120, triple @ 130 and last an attempted triple @ 140.  The first rep was ok, maybe even the 2nd but the 3rd - neh!
By now my left bicep was starting to complain about the compression and my little finger was getting pins and needles.  Not as bad a last time, but I was ready to get the shirt OFF!

A very productive bench session - far more than I had anticipated and surprised myself how well the 100's went.  Really paying for it now tho  - soooo sore.

  Session 2 with the tight shirt has left my arm looking
like I'm some kind of crazed drug addict with little scratch marks  :-)



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Anonymous said...

too much muscle in them big arms.