Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 13 2009

I hope this is some kind of mistake....   My letter from ASADA back in March said I would be on the RTP until Dec 2009, but when I logged into the Athlete's Whererabouts System....

Your Compliance Status

Current quarter 1/10/2009 - 31/12/2009
Success. Compliant from 1/10/2009 to 31/12/2009
You can obtain a receipt when you logout.
Upcoming quarter 1/01/2010 - 31/03/2010
Alert. Non-compliant


Max bench - 3 triples at 72.5kg (raw)

Max squat  - 2 singles at 135kg and a single at 140kg (equipped)

I'll cut back the weight for squatting since I have another 5 or 6 heavy squat sessions left and concentrate on triples with good technique. Maybe around 125kg.

Got some nasty bruises from the suit - will post pics later.

Weekend Activities:

Sunday morning:  Pony club gymkhana and althoguh Madii wasnt riding I went down to lend a hand - well a was rostered on to do pencilling for the eary round of show jumping - I dont mind really. Didnt stick around tho' was too nice a day to miss out on doing some stuff at home.

Perfect day for a bonfire - no wind!  Emptied what little petrol I had in the jerry can onto the pile and voila - instant arson!   Man, gotta tell you, fire is HOT! I mean really HOT, not like sexy hot  - HOT, burning HOT!  Burnt my finger picking up a hot branch - not even at the burnt end - at the unburnt end!  Anyhoo - after the fire started to settle down I started adding the branches from the 2nd pile...  smart move, instead a massive out of control fire I just kept stoking the little one with more fuel....  Then I started venturing around the front of the block looking for more things to burn....  and found the remains of a kangaroo, I think, well a leg thereof...  no meat - just bones...  eooww! managed to get a million  blackberry prickles in my hands when I grabbed what I thought was some ti-tree...  I still some embedded in my fingers :-(

Madii came out to watch the fire and made a new friend - some little caterpiller that kept inching towards her, even after she moved several times.  She named him Albert and took a photo  - he kinda looks like a twig. I think she's going to make him a facebook page......

Conveniently after the fire had died down completely, we got a little bit of rain - perfect! Fire out...

Civ-dog, as the new car is now known (everything is -dog), went for his first service yesterday, 1000km and had his new petrol cap thing fitted - The serviceman said he would now go faster :-) Yay!  Now I can take it up a notch and push Civ-dog to 6000rpm and see the pretty rev lights come on to advise that I'm getting close to red-lining - this is apparently where the V-tec kicks in. 90k's in 2nd gear and suddenly Civ felt like he had more to give - Niiiiice!

Enuf hooning....   I need to get up and walk around, my lower back is killing me after last nights squats.  Will post some photos of Civvy and the bonfire etc tomoz.


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