Wednesday, October 07, 2009

October 7 2009

So... I've pulled the pin on Matti Tikka in Sydney and decided to do the Victorian Extravaganza a week later here in *sunny* Victoria (note the sarcasm...)

Why ? Because! Well, no, really its because its not being held in Colac this year - which was kinda putting me off, having to warmup in a boat shed.... not an ideal venue. Anyhoo, its now at Cambellfield where the novice comp was held a few weeks ago and the venue was quite good. So I was thinking why spend all that money on airfares, accommodation, meals etc when all I really want to achieve is a 420+ total to be graded Elite I. Therefore I have adjusted the countdown to Nov 28 - bonus - extra week of training :-)

130kg (286lb)

Talking of training - all going along nicely - bench still stalled I think but we'll see what the new and extremely small black F6 I now have will do - if I can get it on. Monday night at Defo squeaked out 4 doubles at 130kg in my old Inzer Z Suit with wraps and a sort of loose belt. Previous Thursday at Doherty's pulled 6 triples at 150 from the floor - RAW! A new raw PB for me - usually I'm in my Inzer MaxDL at 140kg.

What else has happened since I last wrote... well I picked up my new car - yes I went with the Honda Civic Si and with the recent return to wintry conditions the heated seats have been put to good use warming my touschy. I am absolutely loving this car - its a dream to drive, I could just sit in all day! And all day is pretty much what it feels likes sitting in traffic driving to work .

Didn't get all the jobs done around the house that I had planned for my week off but some landscaping got done at least. Here are some progress photo's:

At the weekend, the weather cleared long enough for me to cut the grass up the back - OMG a 3 hour job! Some parts the grass was up to my knees and the mower kept cutting out. I couldn't see what I was mowing over and heaven help any "joe blakes" hiding in the long grass! To my annoyance I found a largish tree had come down right up the back during the last windstorm - so another job for the chainsaw - I've gotten a lot of use out of that Christmas present! However the amount of wood and t-tree debris is becoming a problem which needs taking care of before summer. Any budding pyromaniacs out there?? Firemen ?? Anyone who just thinks it would be fun?? Seriously! I'll apply for a permit and have a bonfire one weekend soon - I'll try not to incinerate myself like I almost did last time!

And just before I sign off - just want to say thanks to Jen and her partner Chris. Jen bought some beans in to training at the weekend for me to try. Chris had roasted them himself - very nice too they were, a smooth brew!


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