Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19, 2009

Bench class 1-0-1 Saturday morning....

Raw PR 75kg.  So wtf am I doing at comp getting only 82.5kg shirted - sux!

The new size 36 F6 went on pretty easier than expected with garbage bags to get the sleeves up but got a little stuck around elbows - man this shirt hurt's like all hell tho'. Seemed to be compressing a nerve in my bicep and nowhere could i put my arms to alleviate the pain.

3-board press only with this new shirt - triples all the way
90kg, 100kg, 110kg.

The 100's felt best, good lockout.  110kg was a little wobbly and by this time I was starting to get pins and needles down the left arm and into my pinky and ring fingers.  Martyn would have liked me to go to 120kg but I had to get the shirt off, I was losing feeling in my hand.  Next time will be better.

I'm also going to trip into Berrensen's and get them to take in the sleeves on my 38 F6 by maybe a cm.  that will give me an extra shirt to choose from for the globo comp.  Not sure I'll have the 36 touching in time!

Squats tonight - back to 125kg


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