Sunday, January 03, 2010

Jan 3, 2010


Just got back from a few days break up at Lake Eildon where Andrew's parents have a holiday home with a barge/party boat, speed boat and some jet ski's.  I can see now why Leah and Andrew head up there so often thru summer.

Leah and Madii

New Years eve the weather was spectacular and hot! But shortly after midnight the heavens opened.  A massive storm came thru, I've never seen such a spectacular lightning show as this.  The next day it was calm but no where near as hot.  Still we were able to go out on the boat and have a lazy day on the lake.  Again in the evening a fierce storm came thru this time with gale force winds and huge hail stones half the size of a golf ball.

Lake Eildon by day

Lake Eildon by night

The next morning the real damage was evident.  A large tree at the edge of the lake had fallen - right onto the speed boat :-(


Now onto 2010....   First up I'm taking a couple of weeks break from training to let a few niggles settle down and finally give my body a chance to recover properly.  I completed the sheiko #29 which I started almost immediately after the last comp (hence the need for a break) and made a modest improvement in my raw squat, no change in the bench and I didn't test my deadlift.  I must say the program really trashed my lower back which is 1.why I didnt do a 1rm test and 2. why I need to recover.

I'm considering sheiko'ing it up to the first 3-lift comp which will be the Melbourne Championships in April. I have the next two weeks to mull over  my tactics for this year.

On a fun note, I found a pair of Aussie flag knickers!  They're by Davenport so I bought 2 pair, one which I'm keeping to wear under my lifting gear at World Masters in September.  How cool are they!


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