Wednesday, May 14, 2008

what? no latte?

close grip bench - 3x8reps @ 60kg
lockouts @ 80kg
dumbell press @ 50lb dbells - shoulder/delt pain tolerable, hopefully this is a good sign.
wide upright rows - 4x10 @ 30kg
front raises (rehab) 4x8 @ 12.5lb dbells

stepper - 20 mins

I attribute the reduced shoulder pain to the extra stretching I've been doing through the chest area, plus the rehab / rotator cuff exercises.

I'm starting to add in a little cardio when I can, just the stepper for now. I wouldn't mind getting one of these for home. Have checked on ebay - of course the ones I like would have to be the most expensive so I'm unlikely to get one unless I can find a good 2nd hand one.

Nasty headache when I arrived at work this morning, slept well, but I think it was caffeine withdrawl. My coffee machine is out being serviced - no late night latte before bed.... hope its back by the weekend. Had to run out tonight and find a local place that was open to get a take away latte!

Deadlift training tomorrow night.....

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