Saturday, May 10, 2008

A good week

Trained well all this week.

Monday, squat per usual at Doherty's, raw and working on depth and balance.

Tuesday, bench press at Definition. My usual bench was being used so I decided top warm up lightly with dumbells, seeing how it felt and to my surprise no so much pain as usual. Pressed to a max of 45lb dumbells - whoo-hoo (LOL) Still, I take this as a good thing and put it down to some extra stretching I've been doing at night - in particular neck and chest stretches. Main exercise was still close grip bench. 5x5. Tricep press and standing behind neck tricep press.

Wednesday at Definition, upper back, wide rowing, t-bar rowing, lat pulldown (alternate front and rear). attempted some overhead shoulder press but that was pushing my luck too much with my sore rear delt. Then finished off some oblique training - cable woodchops.

Thursday - would have been deadlift, but Leigh wanted me to rest up my back and hamstring as we're going to have a heavy night for squatting on Monday - The first in a long time. So bicep curls with the ez-bar, dumbell hammer curls and cable straight bar. Then instead of any deadlift work I did some grip strength training. Holding a 8kg dumbell in a pincher grip for 30 seconds. Sounds easy...... but not! It didn't seem enough so I spend 20 mins on the stepper - goddamn I'm unfit!!

Talking about unfit, last Sunday I decided to WALK to the servo to get the paper rather tan drive. This is a 5k round trip which I might add I used to run.... I got halfway there and thought 'I wish someone would come and pick me up'. Cant believe I used to run this!!! I am so UNFIT.

This weekend is a 'horsey weekend' I was out riding this morning at Adult riding club. I'm getting better at going over the jumps at a canter and even managed some grade 4 jumps - I am only graded to level 5 (the lowest grade!) but I'm getting more confident and balanced.

Tomorrow - Pony club for Madii, and an extra early start as we have a special seminar being held by Collen Kelly - so much for a mother's day lie in or breakfast in bed Oh well cant complain - Leigh came over Thursday morning after I had a early morning conference call and he made a yummy breakfast of omeletes, bacon and hash browns. Lucky me!!

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