Sunday, August 01, 2010

Aug 1, 2010

160kg squat - Oh so slow descent, but came up without a hitch.

and some actions pics :-)



155kg in the hole with the PA Power Kangaroo

85kg bench setup

Nominations have closed and are up on the IPF website for the upcoming World Masters Powerlifting Championships.

I see that Jeannette has nominated for the 60kg class, lets hope she's able to confirm her entry soon.

But who the hell is Victoria O'Brien ?  That's not the name on my birth certificate!


GEVERS Jeannette (AUS1962F1)1962AUS162.5105.0162.5430.0

VASQUEZ Rosemarie1970PHI150.0102.5150.0395.0

AAS Anita1965NOR145.070.0152.5367.5

IP Wing-Yuk (HKG1961F1)1961HKG122.570.0145.0337.5

BOMMERSBACH Sabine1964GER115.057.5122.5295.0

HESS Kerstin1968GER95.047.5105.0247.5

ORSINI Antonietta (ITA1964F1)1964ITA215.0145.0210.0570.0

O'BRIEN Victoria1962AUS160.090.0185.0435.0

DE SOUSA Michelle1966RSA145.060.0162.5367.5

CRAWFORD Tinamarie1965USA125.060.0142.5327.5


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