Saturday, August 21, 2010

Aug 21, 2010

Chaos! Turmoil!  

The only way to described it.  The tour that Robyn and I booked for Europe has been cancelled....arghhhhhh.  More on that later.....

Last weekend (14/15) was the CAPO Nationals, held here in (I'd like to say sunny Melbourne but that would be a lie).  It was a miserable cold and wet weekend - perfect for powerlifting!  I wasn't able to make it to the Saturday sessions when the women's divisions were being contested but I was able to get there to see ESP's Martyn Girvan and Shaun Bostock in the bench press comp on Sunday morning and stayed on to watch the novice and juniors where two more ESP guys, Luke Vella and Glen Krutli were competing.

Martyn put up a PB bench at 250kg and Bro a new National record with a massive 335kg bench.  Luke put up some impressive numbers at just 63.25kg bodyweight (lighter than me!)  185/115/225 for a 525 total and Glen, pushing thru a back injury, with a 210/150/240 for a straight 600 total at 102.45kg bodyweight.  So Luke pulls away just when I thought I was closing in on his squat - LOL.  The bar has been set high!

Other impressive lifts come from Coralie Weir from Queensland, trained by the awesome Frank Manning.  Coralie competed the day before in the 3 lift comp and then came back on the Sunday for the bench press and not only beat her previous days bench of 80kg but set a new world record at 85kg, not once but twice by taking a fourth attempt and beating her best with a massive 87.5kg - all at a tiny bodyweight of 52.65kg.  You bloody ripper Coralie!





Anyway, what I saw of the comp it was really well run.  Congrats to Steve Brown for putting together a great event with top class equipment both on the platform and out back in the warmup area.  It was so good to catchup with my CAPO friends that I haven't seen in a long while. 

But back to the disaster.....    Got a call from Tom at STA travel, after having picked up all the travel vouchers two weeks ago, with the bad news that the European Cosmopolitan Tour is not going ahead.  Fortunately, they have offered us the option of switching to the European Cavalcade Tour which is a couple of days shorter, but still covers most of the cities/countries that we wanted to visit.  Missing Barcelona and Vienna but adding in Sorrento and and optional day tour to the Isle of Capri both in Italy.  With a couple of extra days at the end before we head home, we've decided to take a trip up to Scotland and see the Edinburgh Castle as a bonus.

We've also finalized our 'gypsy' part of the trip.  ie. the time between Masters worlds finishing and the tour starting.  Train tickets and accommodation booked for travel from Pilzen to Prague and on to Berlin for 2 days, then overnight train to Brussels where we'll spend the day before boarding the Eurostar and going under the Channel to London where we have 4 days at leisure and then off on the whirlwind Europe tour.

All I need now is some spending money!  :-)


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