Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 24, 2010

The joys of breaking in a new shirt.....

Speed day -  60kg with  chains deloading at the bottom.

Self critique: A little unstable, but my arch is not collapsing nor are my shoulders rolling up.  Wrist are bending, didn't have my wraps done up properly.  No leg drive.  Third rep looks to be the best groove. Martyn and Chucky will no doubt be able to offer more constructive criticism.

Struggling to get my setup under the bar.  Need to practice setting up / adapt my setup to suit, probably best done as a separate exercise.  i.e. just getting under the bar in the shirt over and over.   The catch here is the sleeves are extremely tight, particularly the left one so by the third set my hand has gone numb and I cant hold the bar - and its a little bit painful, so leaving the shirt on any longer than necessary is....  ummm...   difficult.


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