Friday, August 13, 2010

August 13, 2010

ESP Spotswood is officially open! 

Much to the relief of us regulars in the morning crew :-)  It was bit of shock having to go back to Apollo after having a taste of heaven at ESP.  Not that there's anything wrong with Apollo, but with a few more restrictions in a totally commercial gym it made our sessions a little more errrr... challenging :-)

With Masters Worlds looming, I had a chat with Martyn to discuss my goals and how to get the best out of the remaining few weeks.  Sticking with the normal template I can get 2 cycles in and a deload week. Focus will be heavily on technique and picking assistance work to bring up some lagging areas.  One such area being my upper back strength, for that Martyn has suggested I put in some extra training sessions specifically targeting upper back.  Noticeably on Wed morning I struggled with benching, not that my back was sore, but rather fatigued.  This is to be expected tho' for the next couple of weeks while my body adjusts to the extra workload.

Again today fatigue was obvious while trying to hold my back tight for squats - or should I say that my lack of upper back strength/tightness was obvious.  No doubt the extra training sessions will start to sort this out.

Technique will be key in getting a bigger squat for worlds and to that end I'm getting a bollocking over my poor squat technique after each set and just as I'm getting it right, there is that gentle reminder that today is a speed day.  Sheesh !  OK, so I'm slow when I concentrate.  Now, for some, this would probably make them just want to quit but the masochist in me is loving it...

In all seriousness tho', I'm actually being well guided and getting a lot out of the one-on-one attention I'm getting.  I feel a bit like teacher's pet - LOL.  But at the end of the day its up to me, when I put it all together I'll get a first class squat.

There are some updates to the PA website - headline news write up about the Nationals along with ranking and records updated.  Woo-hoo, I am ranked no.2 in Australia  and my masters record total is acknowledged!

Well, I am truly knackered right now and still have one more early morning training session to get thru tomorrow - Roll on Sunday morning sleep in!

Good luck to all my friends competing in the CAPO nationals this weekend.  Lift big!


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