Friday, August 11, 2006

Back in the real world

Back in the gym night before last.

Doing some research on Westside training techniques and will tryout some of their methods - once I understand it a little better. I have someone in the gym where I do most of my training that is very well versed with Westside; he's a strength and conditioning coach. I had a chat with him the other night and he gave me some articles that he has on Westside and I'm also printing out some off the web. What I've read so far makes sense to me but I'll need more time to work out how I can tailor this training style to suit.

My training this week has just been 'back to basics doing some bicep / triceps work on Wednesday, back and abs last night and trying out some of the 'core' exercises of Westside. Things like heavy good mornings and pull thru's. Needless to say my hamstrings are quite sore today. I'm keeping up the cardio - summer is coming.... well ok spring is nearly here... LOL I'd like to get into a little running again and participate in the Melbourne Marathon. Not that I can run a marathon over even a half marathon for that matter, but there is a marafun which is 'only' 7.5 km on October 8th which would give me enough time to train and it falls between the next powerlifting comps (Bench press Sept 16 and the Raw push/pull on Nov 18) so shouldn’t interfere with training for those.

This weekend I’m getting back in the saddle too – literally! Adult riding club tomorrow and I might even finally get graded. Madi is graded at level 4. Maybe sometime I can catch up but at the moment I need to get my first grading – Level 5. seems like forever since I have been riding.

Carrying the pager this weekend for work so I wont be able to stay at riding for all that lonmg – probably a good thing, no doubt I’ll be sore. Fingers crossed that it’s a quiet one.

Love Vicki

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