Monday, August 28, 2006


What a game on Friday night! Ringwood Hawks def arch rivals Hampton Park – again. Although a very tight finish to win by just one point. This was a do or die game for the Hawks, had we lost this we would have been out of the finals. We march on to our next game this Friday. Star spotting on the night - Four times Olympic basketball player Andrew Gaze watching an earlier boys match on the other court. Very late game too (for an under 16’s match) 9.30 start. Didn’t get home until way after 11 and an early start the next morning….

Leah was out with friends, Laura, Danni and Azza who all came back and crashed for the night. Trying to get Azza out and about after the car accident a few weeks ago.

Adult Riding was on at the weekend also, despite some residual bruising from last weekend’s top effort I was still intending to venture into the arena for a jumping lesson. As I was riding down from the paddock I noticed that a couple of the jumps look awfully close – thinking that this must be a mistake…. No, as I discovered this is what they call a bounce jump – no stride in between. Quite difficult for someone at my lowly level… and I proved it too, nearly falling off after the 2nd bounce - winding up out of the saddle and up on Mojo’s neck! So lucky he’s patient with me as I worked my way back into the saddle and around again to attempt the bounce jump - have to make sure I finish on a good note! Well, think I’ve added to those bruises….

My latest news…. Im the proud owner (well the bank actually…) of an Amberley Horse float. OK - so I don’t have a car that can pull a float – minor detail… Thankfully my brother will come to the rescue and has offered the use of his car when I need to float and he’ll keep an eye out for a decent and cheap 4WD that I can use just for towing. Looking forward to being able to particpate in lots more events – as is Madi - who will probably make more use than I, by entering lots of pony club events and riding clinics. No excuses now!

Sunday, Pony club for Madi. I spend the day running back and forth from the pony club and home trying to get some housework done – since nothing was done yesterday.

Trained in the afternoon. Had planned to get down there by 2.30 then it dawned on me that on Sundays the gym closes at 3. So mad rush to the gym at 2pm. Box squats on a reasonably low box. After a few warm up sets, settled in under 60kg and pushed up 6 sets of 6 with a good pause at the bottom. Good mornings, again 6 sets of 6 this time with 45kg only. Cable pull thru (cable hypers… whatever they’re called) maxed at 140 – hard to maintain balance and finshed off with wide grip pulldowns reps of 8-10 for 6 sets. Nice fast workout. Good pump!!

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