Friday, August 25, 2006

The week that was...

Feels a little strange not having a major comp in front of me, but still training hard. Somehow I feel a little disorganized tho. What I am meant to be doing? Ok so I have the bench press comp in a couple of weeks but its not going to be ‘official’ so much as I am possibly not considered a novice any more since entering that Nationals. Any record I break, which I will break the record that I currently hold as a ‘Masters’ competitor, will stand in the record book. Earlier this week I benched, worked on technique and power doing reps at 70kg for 6 sets – fast reps. Followed by close grip bench slightly lighter at 60kg working triceps, floor presses with 30lb dumbbells – this is speed work for triceps and then skull crushers again – although these are really hurting my elbow joint so I may change this at my next speed bench session.

Went out for my first run in ages Tuesday lunchtime – wow its been a while, I checked my calendar, I haven’t been running regularly since December/January. Anyway managed a 4k run, with the orthotics in place, but must admit that I had to walk up Anderson street (quite steep…) this was after 2k’s. The orthotics didn’t hurt as much as I had expected – perhaps the new shoes also made a difference. The total run took 35 mins – that’s including the 5 mins to walk up Anderson Street. I have a Polar SX625 HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) - Yes I like lots of toys! LOL It measures the time, distance and my heart rate during the run - pretty poor compared to what I was doing around Christmas, but what the heck, this isn’t my primary sport – I’ll just be happy to complete the 7.5k marafun in October – Glutton for punishment with all these things I take on.

Wednesday saw Andrea, the Chiro, first visit since the Nationals. Everything is holding up pretty well and only found that my left calf was tight – painfully worked through that. Probably the running…. Well that’s what I think.

Into the Gym again Wednesday night, deep wide squats at 70kg and as for bench, 6 sets of 6 as a speed movement. Hip a little niggly but overall nothing to complain about. Hammy curls next on the agenda, heav(ier) than I would normally do so only 5- 6 reps per set and finished up with some one-leg squats to really hit the glutes. Do I know it what…. Its Friday now and I’ still feeling it in the glutes when I get up! LOL

No training last night - had (and needed) a rest! I figured that I could afford the time off since tonight Madi’s basketball game is not until 9.30pm – yes, late for an under 16’s match, but it gives me the opportunity to train on a Friday night, which I normally do not do. Tonight will be bench work again – Very light technique work - I really need to get this under control if I’m ever going to be successful at using a bench shirt, more triceps work again, T-bar rows and some delt work.

Weekend plans… back in the saddle again tomorrow morning. Adult riding club for me and Sunday will see Madi in the saddle for her formal rally at pony club. None of the rallies for ARC (Adult Riding Club) are formal thank goodness! Usually our lessons are followed up with a few glasses of wine and a chat on the clubhouse verandah! I’m still hoping to get some pics from last weekend’s show jumping; I’ll put them up as soon as I get them.

Love Vicki

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