Monday, August 21, 2006

The longest night

Went off to the dentist last Thursday morning. 9:30 am. After what seem like the longest night on record. Half hour after I went to bed my jaw started arching again. Nothing I took would make it go away. This is where being single sux…. No-one to annoy while I’m pain all night – even the cat took off. I mean, I shouldn’t have to suffer this alone…. There should be someone sitting awake with me, listening to me moan, getting no sleep like me. Well no wonder I was in pain…. An infected nerve in my back molar. Dentist had to inject double the amount of anesthetic – took six hours to wear off. Took the day off work. Couldn’t eat or drink, at least not without a napkin…. Looks like I’ll be in for a few more visits to the dentist to get this fixed, but for now the nerve is removed and too packed with antibiotics. I’m I packed myself with some sedative painkillers that night – and slept like a baby! Cool. Back to enjoying total bed space. LOL

We’re in the finals! Friday night basketball and the girls had a resounding win in their last game against Camberwell. This week the finals start, currently Hawks U16/3 girls are placed 3rd on the ladder. We’re still hanging in there!

Saturday morning rush around, Madi and Mojo had a sleepover at Erica’s. Picked up Madi mid morning and then off to the local Shopping centre to get myself a new pair of running shoes – selecting from the list given to me by my podiatrist. First were the Brooks Vapour – nice fit and very comfortable. The guy serving me was very helpful getting out heaps of shoes including some not on the list that still matched the required “moderate motion control and high lateral stability” One pair actually tipped me forward – which might be ok for running but I really need to sit back in the shoes for squatting and deadlifting. After trying on lots of shoes I went back to Brooks vapour.

Over to Shaz’s place for a coffee and to return her bench shirt and other gear I’d borrowed for the Nats. Cheeked out some photos she took and I’ll post some of these here in the next couple of days. Then off training, christened the new shoes with a leg workout. Seeing how heavy we could go on the leg extension machine – Up to 70 on the stack – The total stack was 95. Worked on good mornings, getting correct form and also some low wide leg press movements. Box squats – they get really hard when your legs are starting to fatigue. No sooner had I fired up off the seat, I was back down again – balance and control totally shot by now! Tried some various ways to hit hammies using a type of dumbbell hypers but couldn’t quite get the feel – will have to work on that a bit more.

Sunday morning, up early to check out a horse float the member of the pony club is selling. Dragged Madi and her friend Talia with me – They both slept in the lounge and were not keen to have their photos taken early in the morning. LOL. I’m a cruel mother!

Big day today – my first show jumping competition. So nervous!! 6 competitors I grade 5. I’ve never jumped more that about 5 jumps in a row and apart from last week I haven’t done any jumping for about 4 months. The AM7 course is 9 jumps which have to be done in order, plus, if you get go clear in your round and within the specified time, you have to do an immediate ‘jump off’ which is another 6 jumps – but out of order. My legs were like jelly about half way through the course and Mojo was fired up and wanted to canter and I’m pulling him back, finally around to jump eight and I’m telling him “OK Mojo we’ve just gotta clear this last one” Over it beautifully and I hear the bell ring signaling me to go straight on to the jump off. The idea here is to clear the 6 jumps in as fast a time as possible. I was just glad to clear them all and stay on!! What an adrenalin rush !! My heart was pounding and legs shaking….. What a team! 4th place ! An hour later and I’m in the ring again doing top score jumping - where each jump is given a point value based on difficulty. The rules are to jump as many as possible within 60 seconds – any order, any direction but you can only jump the same one twice. Needless to say I fared poorly in this event, however I did attempt the most difficult jump once and had a clear round – place 6th.

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