Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Last Workout(s)

Deadlifts on Saturday with Shaz and Charmaine - another great workout. Warmed up with 30 mins of cardio on the stepper waiting for the girls. This time at Fitness First in Chadstone.

Shazza had brought in her own open back denim bench shirt for me to try out - the Original Bench Bitch shirt! What an awsome tool that is - without a warmup or belt I pressed 70kg easy! We'll check out the rules to see if I can use this shirt instead of my Inzer shirt. Errr... Inzer bench shirt for sale - only used once!

On to Deadlifts... Charmaine amazes me with her strength. 11 weeks out from competing in a bodybuilding contest and she's gonna keep up the powerlifting training right the way thru. Way to go! The girls both had their new Inzer ratchet belts that had just arrived from the US. Great belts - quick release - well they are once you get the hang of them..... Like Charmaine said 'They are quick release - you've just got to fiddle with it a bit first' Well worthy of quote of the week! LOL. Big lifts from all three of us. Shaz topping the lifts with a 130kg lift. That same lift eluded me today - best effort was 125kg for 2 reps.

Sunday - rest day - had intended mowing the lawn - well the back section - you remember from a previous post, mountain goat territory. However the weather wasnt on my side - how unfortunate..... ;-)

Monday heralded in my last training session - bench. Had another try out with the Denim shirt - its far more suitable for the style of benching that Shaz is teaching me. Still I'm having a little trouble mastering it. We can use the denim shirt at the comp - Shaz cheked this out with the official up in Brisbane, Mason Jardine. So now its up to me whether to use it. At this point I can bench probably as much without the shirt as I can with - simply becuase I have not mastered the technique of using a shirt. I'm erring on the side of using it simply for the experience - and maybe I'll be lucky enough to wing on the day for a good lift.

Rest of the week has been cardio, cardio and more cardio. Been stressing a little about my weight and whether I would make the weight class. I need to be under 67.5kg (148.5lb) and all week have been hovering around 68.3 but finally this morning I broke though and tipped the scales at 67.3. Now all I need to do is maintain it and be very careful - less than 24 hours to go.

My extra cardio has seen me out walking around the Royal Botanic gardens (the Tan) at 6:30 in the morning. Its a very popular track with the runners and walkers alike. I crossed over to swan street bridge and captured this image of our lovely city of Melbourne with the Yarra river in the foreground. Just thought I'd share this pic - budding photographer here! LOL.

Well this is it guys, think of me over the weekend and look for my next post early next week with all the details from the comp.

Vicki xxx

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