Thursday, October 16, 2008

Horsey Tales

Mojo rehab is progressing well. He was quite excited last night down at the pony club. There was no sign of lameness as he pranced around out back and flew over the cross country jumps. He does still, however, have a nasty lump on chest which seems to have built up over the past week after he scratched his chest on the fence wire. Luckily he had a tetanus shot back when he ripped his face on the fence.

Palpating the lump it felt kind of soft and was not bothering him too much. The puncture wound is not healing as well as I expected so I was suspecting some infection being the cause of the lump. Scratched off the scab which bled, but nothing else so I used an 18g needle which we had in the medical kit to puncture the lump. Ugghhhh puss gushed out, yellow and watery, tinged with a little blood - all over my hand. Stuck a syringe on the needle and aspirated probably around 20ml of fluid. Let it drain and put antiseptic on it.

I have a feeling it will swell again and I'll probably need to get some antibiotics from the vet. Will check on him tonight on my way to the gym.


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