Monday, October 27, 2008

Where the bloody hell are ya?

No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Just been a bit lazy with the blogging. Several times I've had things to write but when it came time to put fingers to keys I simply couldn't be bothered... Motivation to write is somewhat lacking... errr sorry. :-)

My Mr. Lincoln is producing some lovely roses at the moment. Nice long stems and very fragrant. Couple of sprigs of lavender for contrast.

Trained legs Saturday morning - light squats, 60kg and some box squats below parallel. Tried the new leg press, a single leg (independent) which I didn't much like.

Saturday afternoon I was supposed to go to the DARC AGM but completely forgot as I ran around doing last minute stuff for Leah's 21st that night. Ferried the 'stolen' deck chairs over to their place along with my beloved Rancillio Silvia and Rocky. My job to 'baristerize' ie. make lovely latte's for the family. Madii and a couple of her friends were roped into 'waitressing' of sorts so that Leah could do the 'flitting' between guests. We ended up leaving around 12.30 am ish... The party went on.....

Sunday morning bright and early.... ughhh
Packed the truck and hooked up the float for a trip to Wandin Equestrian Centre for a day of cross country for Madii and Mojo. Because not everyone has a float etc etc we offered to float another horse to help out and so had to pick up a little white pony, Tonka, on the way. Well Mojo was quite indignant about that and every time the poor pony looked at Mojo in the float, Mojo would bite the pony's face - poor Tonka. Mojo, obviously feeling a lot better , really had some attitude about him, prancing about like a prize dick, but by the afternoon session he'd settled down - realizing that he wasn't quite as fit as he needs to be. Me... I took the chance to have a quick kip in the car, laid the seat back, hands behind my head and nodded off, woke up with dead arms and pins&needles.

Got home just ater 5, checked some emails, DARC AGM minutes.... saw that they still need someone to setup a website so what the hell, I volunteered my inexperienced and unprofessional services - how hard can it be?



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