Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Email just in from IceTV

The new High Definition Topfield TF7100HDPVRt PVR now officially supports IceTV Interactive.

Yay - Well that makes my decision to go with Topfield final. That, along with the fact that the DP-P2 doesn't have wifi ,clinched the deal. Now remains my negotiating a good price with a retailer. Best so far is $660.00, but I want to better that as I'll be buying a HDMI cable as well. No more than $700.00 for the lot.

Only thing that would top that for the best news this week would be if Toby's Estate cafe were to open. Stay tuned on that one!


Bench 70 x3 5 sets
Pin press 80 x5 5 sets
Triceps sore at the elbow - left that alone...
Chest supported row 70 x8 4 sets
Varied pulldowns 80lb x15x2 then 8x2 (overhand, underhand, extra-wide over, V-handle)
Supported Leg raise 10x4
Incline situps 3x15

Have been making an effort to drink more water - something I am very bad at, drinking coffee - ok, water - bad. Tried orange tea which absolutely needs sugar, smells like oranges but taste like... not like oranges. Will persist in this endeavor to hydrate properly.


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