Monday, October 06, 2008

Nationals - My result.

Weighed in: 66.4kg

Training was planned for a 400kg (880lb) total comprising squat 145kg, bench 85kg, deadlift 170kg

Here's the outcome:

Squat1 130kg - passed
Squat2 140kg - failed depth
Squat3 145kg - passed

Bench1 75kg - passed
Bench2 82.5kg - passed
Bench3 87.5kg - passed (2.5kg over plan)

Deadlift1 160kg - passed
Deadlift2 170kg - passed
Deadlift3 177.5kg - passed (7.5kg over plan)

Total 410kg (902lb)

Won my weight class (67.5) and came 2nd overall !! :-)

Didn't get to see much of the other lifters attempts, Leigh kept me pretty well shielded so as to keep me focused on my own tasks ahead. There were some great lifts from the ladies and I do know that Maria blitzed a 180 squat in the 75kg class to take 1st place in the overall - Congrats Maria! And the Victorian ladies cleaned up again with Louise taking 3rd place.

Well done to everyone that competed and thanks to Henry Day and Adam Coe for putting on such a great event!


Suzy said...

Huge lifts and beautiful form, you made those squats look so easy!

Emong said...

wow your strong mister i mean maam i mean ummm vicki the barbarian please dont rip my head off

ps can u put my friend in a reverse headlock so his head is on ur chest?