Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Chainsaw Adventures

Guess who got a CHAINSAW for Christmas......

How funny too that Leigh, without prior knowledge of the chainsaw gave me a DVD titled 'Women that kill' and a 'Evil Penguins' featuring a penguin with a Chainsaw on the cover. He also gave me Dawn French's book 'Dear Fatty'. That alone is justification, officer, for a chainsaw massacre. Brave move that one! Actually, it looks like a good read.... :-) Its next on my list after I finish Jeffery Deaver's 'The Broken Window' which I got for my birthday last week.

Poor Andrew had the pleasure of buying the chainsaw and told the salesman that he was buying it for his 'mother-in-law'. 'You're game! Oh well if she has a go at you, you'll be dead before you know it - its pretty sharp!' LOL.

So, Christmas over for another year. Such a long day of eating, drinking, eating, drinking, eating, eating and then when you think its over... some more eating.

Spent Boxing day away from the crowds / shopping. I have this theory that all the stuff on sale has been brought in especially for the sales. ie. nothing that I saw / wanted last week is actually on sale. Watched a favorite movie with Madii, 'Love Actually' no matter how many times I watch it, it makes me laugh, it makes me cry. Pure fantasy of course - love is never so romantic in real life.

I did, however, venture to Westfield today (Saturday) with Madii as she wanted to spend her Christmas money and spoilt myself with a 1/2 price GUESS bag.

Have not made a move on any of the chores so far... choosing to indulge myself in doing nothing more than lounging in the sun. Tomorrow... no, Monday, I'll make a start on Monday.... (famous last words....)

Gym tomorrow - 0700 squatting - ick! Such an unfriendly time of the day.


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