Thursday, December 18, 2008

Struck down by a virus

Miserable weekend - some dodgy damn Trojan virus infected my laptop. No matter how many times I cleaned it - it kept coming back. The main virus - a dropper, was loading other viruses and remaining undetected itself - sneaky. Took me until Tuesday to get rid of it, in the mean time I was using a older decommissioned machine to work with and after installing some updates to make it compliant - the hard disk failed. Fortunately Madii's photo's have been able to be retrieved and a new hard drive from another decomm machine has been installed. GIT are in the process of re-imaging it with all the oracle software and updates etc....

Tuesday I went off to see Dr. Barresi, my sports doctor about my wobbly knee cap. He's referred me on to a knee specialist concerned that I may have a slight tear in the meniscus. It doesn't hurt, just feels unstable sometimes and is rather stiff when I try to squat deep. Of course it hurts more now that there might really be something wrong - LOL, but in fact its been like this since mid September (2 weeks before Nats). I remember the exact moment it happened too, I was doing walkouts with 200kg and I felt my knee 'give a little' - didn't hurt, but since then the knee cap has felt 'wobbly'. I went on to squat 145kg at Nats so.... ahhh... I'll just be a llittle careful with it - keep the knees wrapped when I squat until I know what's what with it.

Also have an appointment next week for an MRI on my right hip. I am determined to know why my hip hurts - all the stretching in the world hasn't alleviated the pain - it's so annoying. Its not a pain that stops me lifting but more like.... it makes me hesitate and not drop into the squat becuase I know I'll get this sharp stabbing pain - grrrrr. Dr Barresi suspects "Labral tear with ligamentum teres tear" That's what we'll be looking for. Not that anything much can be done if that is what the problem is - pain management and inflammation control, but no magic bullet.

Benched with SPLC again on Tuesday evening - speed work, which is what they do on Tuesdays, nice and easy for me. I almost didn't go due some mad panic attack, a completely irrational feeling that I was like an intruder inviting myself along to their training - Stupid! and I'm glad I went. I've become so accustomed to training on my own or with Leigh that I find it a little hard to interact with others and then I try too hard and get into a mess. I'm sure it will get easier as I get to know them.


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