Monday, December 29, 2008


As promised to myself, I made a start on the chores around the house. One that I hadnt put on the list but has been completed today was to clean the BBQ and get a gas bottle refill, checked it all and made sure its working. So I'm all ready for the summer BBQ's out on the deck.

Speaking of the deck I can also tick off re-sealing the decking - just one coat this year. After close inspection, it wasn't in too bad of condition. Got it done in around 1 hour - this time I wore knee pads - what a difference they made: No knee blisters!!

I have a vistor staying here for a few days. One of Madii's friends who moved interstate has come down to Melbourne for a visit and no where to stay. He (yes He..) sleeping in the spare room at the very bottom of the house!! Seems pretty nice, for a vegetarian... polite 'n all.

Tomorrow we're all off to Melbourne Zoo. Haven't been for a few years and this will be Andrew's little girl Miss Olivia's first time.

Pretty quiet on the training front. Saturday morning's squat session went better than expected. Although wondering why I had agreed to squat at D's so early, I felt good, no hip twinge for a change and so warmed up raw to 5 reps at 75kg and knocked off 8 sets of 2reps at 90kg with light knee wraps ever careful of my wonky knee. Nice and easy. Tomorrow night I'll be back over at MBS in Richmond to speed bench with SPL.

Looking at that paragraph, I'm thinking I need to put an acronyms & abbreviations list on the side of the page. LOL


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