Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Drug free

It's been 9 days since I had any meloxicam (Mobic), I am in pain when I walk and the underside of my foot feels swollen although visually it appears not to be so. I am also questioning if the onset of a bout of tendinitis in my right elbow is related to the cessation of this anti-inflammatory drug. I've increased the does of glucosamine and fish oil but so far no tangible benefit. Mobic is, I am told, not addictive however it's not the sort of drug that anyone should be on long term given it has some cardio vascular risk. I've been on it for the past 12 months since my chilectomy. I'll hang out a bit longer and see if my body starts manage naturally. In the event of failure, the doctor advised that there is an alternative drug treatment...... I'm off to see Andrea Bisaz this afternoon - my chiro, no doubt he'll have some more poking and proding to for my elbow too.

Still cant complain too much, while the elbow is inhibiting my pull work, deadlift, back etc... I still managed to bench on Monday although I had to cut the assistance work - attempted some close grip bench (triceps) and this hurt majorly.

Night off tonight - gonna crash in front of the telly or do something equally exciting like wax my legs. A sigh of relief as Dad has gone home from hospital (admitted Tuesday morning) He wasn't too good when I saw him Sunday, but ok enough now to go home. Apparently he overdosed his Ventolin 'cos he was having trouble breathing and this caused some heart palpitations etc.... bit scary when you're 85. Parents.... what a worry!


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