Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Had my MRI this morning - Eoww very claustrophobic. Worse than a sun bed! Fortunately my head wasn't too far into the machine and I could kinda see daylight behind me. Closed my eyes and listened to the music. Really noticed my breathing, big, shallow, shallow, shallow... My old yoga instructor always said to notice your breathing, but I never really did - not like this anyway. After a first little bit I was ok. Appt to get the results in mid Jan after I return from leave .

Yes 2 & 1/2 weeks of leave from today, of course returning smack bang into carrying the P1 pager :-(

Holiday Tasks.
Clean and re-coat the decking (thats what Christmas holidays are for..)
Clean the gutters. Ick - ladder of death....
De-spiderize / cobweb the outside of the house.
Clean Windows (yuk)
Finish spray painting the horse float - and wash it!!
Train, train and when I'm not doing anything else... train.
Oh... and sleep in every day.

If I can find the money I might get some more stones and pavers for the drive and around the side of the house - where, since Leah has returned home, the truck has been relegated to (again)

Yay - Christmas tomorrow :-)


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