Friday, December 05, 2008

Something new

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.... Was lacking imagination last night for some core work so asked Dirk for a suggestion. What he came up with was nothing short of wicked. I'll try to describe it:

Bar anchored to the floor at one end with a plate of your choice at the other, I started with a 10kg plate. Standing with legs apart in front of the bar grip the bar, alternate grip, close to the plate. Stand erect and swing the bar, arms extended, across your body and up - stop before the bar descends in over the arc. Keep your knees facing forward and twist only from the waist - really works the obliques to control the bar. Too much swing and its going to fly over the arc and take you with it!! Massive cardio work too - or maybe that's just my poor CV fitness!

Squatting tonight at Doherty's....

Major running around to do tomorrow...

Sunday we're off to Wesburn Park Equestrian centre for the state qualifiers - Madii and Mojo are doing Grade 3 showjumping. We've had Mojo in the 'Jenny Craig' paddock this week and hand feeding him - he's just getting too fat, doubt he'll be able to haul his fat belly over the jumps. The video is Madii fighting with him to do the cross country jumps SLOW - he tends to bolt at them.

Kangaroos the back yard the other night.
Taken with my camera on max zoom.

My weird-arse Latte art

Max Ryan - need I say more. xxx


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