Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11 2009

Mothers day - two new sets of jamies for winter.... of course this lead to tears as I had to pick one set to wear.... but ended up wearing both.... :-)

Spoke too soon about not having any injuries too. Ho-hum...

Injury 1. Right shoulder -this is an recurring injury - shoulder out, not dislocated as such but gets inflamed and doesn't sit well in the joint. A couple of visits with Andrea usually fixes this - under treatment.....

Injury 2. Stupid, stupid girl. Not sufficiently warmed up last Thursday before doing box squats using the spastic bar (which I don't like at the best of times) and strained my right quad vastus medialis (refer to diagram).

Stopped immediately - Rest, ice, yada yada. Andrea took a look on Saturday morning, bit of massage there and thru the ankle and it felt better. Heavy training Sunday re-aggravated it. Felt fine for the warmups and 40kg. 60kg could feel a twinge, wrapped early at 80kg - could still feel it. 95kg mmm getting sore... triples on 105kg - did 3 sets and called it quits. Rest, ice, yada yada. Made an appointment this afternoon with atGemma Melbourne Sports Medical centre. Haven't seen her before but neither Roger, Gordon or Jesse were available. Most annoyingly was that the 105kg actually felt quite good if it wasn't for the stabbing pain.

Minh from Titan brought a couple of F6's to training on Saturday. Tried getting my arm into the size 36 first - with help from Steve Giffin, but while he could get it up close tot he elbow he didn't think it would pull up too well at the top of my arm where my tricep is thickest. Settled for the 38 on his advice and may be able to get the chest plate taken in.

Which reminds me, I need to take my squat suit back to the tailor and have the shoulders altered down another 5cm. Tight!

My old runners finally bit the dust. So a trip to Active Feet in Prarahn on Thursday saw me come away with a new pair of Asics (and a free T-shirt!). Maybe I'll even be able to get bit of a jog up at lunchtimes to keep my weight in check. Wen suggested I might even aim for 5k run in Corporate games in November as well as the poker! :-)

My number plate???


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Stu said...

I hope the leg settles quickly!