Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 14 2009

Despite having reservations about seeing a new physio I was quite impressed with Gemma. She was able to describe exactly what I was doing including details aboaut stance and toe position.... hmmm wonder if she reviewed the gym security tapes? LOL. Some massage and ultrasound treatment, stretching exercises and and compression tube. Follow up appointment today.

Got an email / survey thing from ASADA. Fine, filled out the responses till I get near the end and this is this rather odd question:
Finish this sentence:
Getting tested by ASADA makes me feel.....

Ummm? Special?
A 'wee' bit intimidated?


Deadlift training tonight - no actual deadlifting involved.... Assistance work only followed by a latte with Jojo and Loretta.
On the topic of deadlifting, here are some pics of my 150 deadlift from the Melb Championships taken by Yoji from SPLC and below that a clip of my technically challenged 165kg deadlift also many thanks to Yoji.


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