Monday, May 04, 2009

May 5 2009

I am well impressed with 'House of Pain' . I placed an order last week for 2 pair of Inzer black knee wraps, 1 pair of Inzer black wrist wraps, 2 HOP beanies and a $1 cooler pack (gift thing) and it arrived today! The site quoted 2 -6 weeks delivery for international orders and a week later its on my desk! AND in the box was this months Powerlifting USA mag - bonus!

My new Titan shirt should also be available this Saturday, all going well for the new Australian Titan distributor. Minh will be bringing both a 36 and 38 for me to take a look at. I'll bring some silks and see if I can get my arm into the 36. I've also asked him to add a couple of boxes of ammonia caps to my order. Leigh assures me they're good so we'll see!

Comp details for this years Nationals are up on the Powerlifting Australia website. I am considering doing both the 3 lift comp and the bench press comp. Since I'm putting in all this effort, I might just as well do both!

Spoke to soon about the black agents - LOL. They fronted at the gym that night and nabbed almost everyone in the club for testing. I discovered that despite much practice peeing all my life, I could not pee with someone watching.... I know some people pay good money for this kind of thing, but this is not going to be a money spinner for me!

Anyway the whole process was quite interesting and amusing, being that I have a warped sense of humour. Choosing the container for the sample was like a lucky dip - but not so lucky. The lid for the sample container looked like a sipper lid, I will never have a drink with a sipper lid again and then the embarrassment of carrying the damn sample thru the gym to the testing station Ughhh!. Then the fun starts, pouring the sample into separate container, the ASADA dude checking the quality of the sample - I do good quality pee! and then sealing it all up and bidding it farewell... I sms'ed Leigh and he met me after for a debrief and welfare check - such a traumatizing experience... :-)


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