Friday, May 29, 2009

May 29 2009

P1 pager has finished for another week and I'm about to head into the city to see Gemma at Melbourne sports medical centre. She did such a great job with my quad - see pic... good as new ;-) Anyhoo my shoulder/right scap is giving me more and more grief each week when I'm benching. Usually Andrea gets it under control pretty quick but this time the pain comes back a few days after treatment. So I'll let Gemma loose on it and see where it leads. Of course a trip to MSMC also requires a mandatory call-in to Haighs......

Latte'd with Tink (Jojo) last night after training, whinged to her about my shoulder too, she recommended that I go see Shaun Bostock for a massage..... I guess it wouldn't be a bad idea considering, you know, as a massage therapist AND massive bencher himself, he'll know the mechanics of what my shoulder is doing/not doing or doing badly...... Tink speaks very highly of his massage skills. Maybe I'll absorb some of his benching ability through touch.... or osmosis.... LOL. Providing I can get past the embarrassment...

Despite the shoulder I still managed a pretty good bench session at Southern on Saturday. First workout with the old/big shirt on (which protects my shoulder) and the plan was for 4x4 @ 75kg but felt good and pressed out 5x5 @75.

Sunday squats postponed due to strongman comp and so squatted Monday eve. Meh! not so great. Plan was 5x3 at 115 with just wraps and belt but it went more like... 3,2,2,3,2,3 = same net result by adding an extra set, 15 reps all done.

Deadlift training this week was rack pulls below the knee (belt and wrist straps) 150 5x5 , again a bit of a struggle so adjusted the pin height up a bit and then and worked down with each set until I was back to the original height for the last set.

Finally a night off training - yay. Gonna slip into the nom nom (dressing gown) as soon as I get home, crank up the heating and park myself in the recliner with a latte and my little chocolate treat from Haighs to watch the Strongman series on OneHD at 6.30pm and then catch up on all the shows I've recorded this week.


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Bram said...

That's a gorgeous picture of you Vicki. Do you have any more of that series with a bikini top?

Keep up the great work.

Bram in Los Angeles