Monday, June 01, 2009

June 1 2009

Trained gooderer over the weekend - good results all round - benching and squatting. Benching with SPLC has been a real boost for me, physically and mentally. The last two heavy sessions I've been the only female lifting in a shirt and doing a couple of extra sets and falling behind but they've been supportive and spotted me thru my last couple of sets. This extra support has been missing from my bench training in the past. Mary has also started to join us on the bench after having her (and Steve)'s baby girl, Jacqueline, and is already proving to be a formidable bencher after a break. I'm sure she'll be in top form in no time!

Strong squats on Sunday morning 120 3x3reps, 125 2x3reps. Low box squats 70kg 5x3. Followed by a latte a Tobys estate. Next week, if I do well, I've been promised breakfast!!

Looking for ways to amuse myself.... The prohibited substances list is always a good for a laugh - well, at least for the immature...... LOL.

Prohibited in sport - Cocaine Eye Drops Strong - what about mild?
Prohibited in sport - Colifoam Rectal Foam - Ummmm?

Bram: Trust me, no-one wants to see my ab... (singular!) - ROFL

Went to the movies again with Madii on Saturday night - yeah I have no social life to speak of.... Saw Angels and Demons. Very fast paced, still cant get used to Tom Hanks as the lead, he's not quite as I'd imagined when I read the books... but still enjoyable. Madii a little disappointed I think - she was expecting to be a bit more of a horror movie. Wore half of the choc top ice-cream, as always, and almost made my tongue bleed eating violet crumbles.... A good night out - 7/10 :-)


Happy Birthday Mum - RIP

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bobo said...

dear vicki, i agree with bram. for a woman in her late 40's your body is kickin. those boy shorts look awesome on you also. bobo