Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 25 2009

No training Monday this week, instead I booked in a massage with Shaun. Tink is adamant that he fixed her shoulder problem, different to mine but she's very confident in his massage skills but she warned me that "Active Release" would be very painful. So this is what I was expecting but far from it, it was a little painful, sometimes but it was bearable. Perhaps he was being soft on me? :-) And in between the AR's was some *very* enjoyable back massaging - the stuff that ZZZ's are made of. If only I could come home to this every night - ummmm, minus the AR.....

Tuesday night, wasn't able to get down to Richmond but I still managed to do some speed work at Definition and honestly the shoulder was improved. I'm impressed... Gave Shaun the feed back and booked another massage for next week - There'll be no apprehension this time!

Wednesday saw me at the physio, Gemma working into my upper back - now she's tuff! No holding back :-) but its worth it. Then I probably go an undo all the good work with rack pulls later that night - 180 6x3 - some trouble to lockout a couple but overall happy to have moved the bar off the pins - LOL. Added a little extra squat work - in the suit. Still stiff trying to get under the bar but just a set of 5 reps at 110 and 120 for the purpose of 'forming a partnership with my suit' ughhhh. Then some ugly bottom squats at 70kg and finished with shrugs.... Absolutely wrecked. Electric blanket on and I laid flat on my back letting the heat work its magic!

Today the erectors are telling me that they didn't really enjoy the work and I'm having trouble sitting still in my chair. Wish Shaun was coming around tonight..... I'll have to settle for the electric blanket again.

No training now until Saturday, home alone tonight, Madii off at 'Year 12 retreat' and Leah & Andrew out as well. I'm under comp weight as of this morning (67.2kg) so I might treat myself to a lamb souvlaki - yummmmm!



Anonymous said...

you need an electric blanket with built-in vibrating bits.

(in lieu of Shaun :p )

Fire 'n' Ice said...

Hey Vicki, don't stress about any bad squat sessions btwn now & Nats - believe me they have no significance on outcome at a comp- I had my share of those sessions! Betta to get the crap ones out the way and save the best for the day! Every attempt in training still adds up as work, still taps into the nervous system and makes a positive difference - even if you can't see it at the time. Hang in there. Cheers,