Tuesday, June 02, 2009

June 2 2009

Bahahahaha late forties! At 46 I thought I'd only just cracked the mid forties. At least I'm not 50 like one other 'hardcore' has-been. (snigger)

Update on the physio visit. Working on the premise that my thoracic spine is somewhat inflexible. After some, what I can only describe as excruciating pressure, manipulations, Gemma has prescribed a lumber roll that I must lay on - longways, down my spine, and stretch my scaps around with the aim of trying to get my hand/elbows towards the floor. That' the best I can explain it. Moving my arms up and down thru the range of movement is quite painful and everything clunks along the way. Back in for another visit tomorrow where she will attack me again. I have been doing the exercises and tonight we'll see if there is any, even slight, improvement. (puleeze!)

Booked in for another leg massage with Ruth on Thursday. eeek!

Taking Friday and Tuesday off (Monday being a public holiday) and giving myself a long long weekend!


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bobo said...

dear vicki, i am sorry if i offended you. i did not mean to. i check out your website on amg and read your blog almost daily. personally i find you very attractive and the curves and muscle a hot bonus. forgive me.bobo