Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 10, 2009

Back to work after a 5 day break and moved into my new desk - by the window. Ahh prime real estate! Not much of a view however natural light is always a bonus.

Cant believe its almost the end of the 'ASADA' quarter and I have to fill out my whereabouts forms again AND enter my 1 hour per day location where I can be found for testing for the next quarter. Mind you, not once this quarter did they come and test me at the 1 hour time/location that I nominated, no, both times they came to training..... regardless, I must comply or be faced with a filing failure. Ho-hum....

Training went really well at the weekend, very happy with 80kg bench press and 125kg squats. For the last set, Leigh put the weight up to 130kg as a teaser for next weekend's program. Old squat suit pulled gingerly over the new tattoo, which gives you some idea how loose the suit is...., straps down, good knee wraps, belt (of course) Caught on film.....

Leigh was satisfied that I'd done well that morning and so I was treated to breakfast around the corner at Toby's estate. Scrambled eggs on toast with bacon - Yummmm

Later in the afternoon, Leigh suggested we catch up for a latte, he been out shopping to fit out the police gym at Werribee and had a little gift for me.....
OMG!! He bought me a bar! LOL. What an awesome present! I was overwhelmed, so cool!!! What better reward from one powerlifter to another - equipment!!. I loaded the bar into my little Mazda 2 and off we went for a latte. Chuckle, when Madii saw it in the car she was like "What the...??" and christened the bar "Sparkles" because she thought it was such a gay present! LOL. I am stoked!! :-)


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