Monday, June 29, 2009

June 29 2009

WTF award of the week goes to:

Yes... well.... on to other business....

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Ahhh nice suggestion Louise, a vibrating electric blanket. Men really are becoming obsolete! :-) "Are becoming" ?? "Have become" in my case.

Comment 2:
Thanks Tegan, Very true, In fact I think these bad sessions force me to re-focus - like a wake up call. But yes they do still add up at then of the day, even the ones where I am planted at the bottom of the squat and Leigh has to pull me up by the ears! A-la weekend just gone....

I know even the failed reps work 'cos my butt hurts.... I can feel feel it when I clench and release... 'cmon everyone do it too, you know you want to... clench, release, clench, release..... Sick! :-)

What I need to do is 'chill', stop rehearsing every lift in my sleep and every waking moment! I even find myself holding my breath for the lift when I'm going thru it in my mind, no wonder I'm exhausted by the time I actually get to training I've already done a 3 hour session in my head.

So, I'm trying to find a distraction, but is that a good idea? Went to the movies on Friday night, Terminator... not so impressed, some bit were just plain silly. Didn't sleep well. Dog yodeling... Saturday night went out for Paul Nay's 40th, wish I could have relaxed a little more, had a drink or ten... eaten... picked up.... you know, all those fun things. But no, cinder-fuking-rella here had to be back in the pumpkin before midnight and ready to squat at the sparrow's fart. Woe is me....

Got home after training and decided that the ultimate punishment for crap squats (and dead legs) was the alternating ice bath/hot shower treatment. Lets see how long I can sit and shiver, it almost becomes a challenge to stay in there feeling my legs prickling with the cold, turning red and then jumping into the shower and blasting them with hot water. How many times can I do it? How long can I last in the icy cold water? My arse aka 'The Titanic'.

Then, after lunch I sat back and watched 4 episodes of 'The Shield' season 7, back to back! Had a headache at the end, not from watching but from the mess that Vic and Shane have gotten into with the Armenians..... But it certainly took my mind off: "Grab the bar, throttle the hands on, duck under, wedge the bar in tight, big breath, hold it, arch out, step back once, twice. Breath out, big breath in, hold it, clench and SQUAT!" Phew.... another rep out the way.... Man! I am doing my head in..........


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Fire 'n' Ice said...

OMG I love the 'bug'....umm car thingy photo!!