Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22, 2009

Things happen in three's.
Three times lucky.
Three Amigos.
Three Stooges.....

Three times I've been tested by ASADA in 8 weeks.....

Yes, the black agents fronted up at the gym again on Saturday, blood and urine. So I think that answers your question Louise, no, I cant pee in peace. The compliance part is just to show that I have provided ASADA with my whereabouts details for the next 3 months, home, work and have nominated a specific location where I can be found for 1 hour every day. Ie. If they turn up randomly at the gym, like they did on Saturday and I'm not there, then too bad, however my nominated 1 hour was at home between 5pm and 6pm and if they turn up during that hour I *must* be there or its considered a missed test, 3 misses in an 18 month period and its a sanction.

Steve did warn me that I'd be scrutinized when I first met with him to discuss 'defecting' from CAPO, so I'm not surprised at being tested, but 3 times in 8 weeks seems a bit over the top. Still, what ever it takes to satisfy them, no point trying to avoid it and honestly it will make victory all the more sweet.

Anyhoo, my suspicion is that the 'real' reason behind the testing is that its getting close to end of financial year and they have a budget to spend in order to get their funding for next year. What better way than to nab a clutch of powerlifters at a regular training venue....

On a brighter note tho', I benched a PB, a triple at 90kg. Touch and go. For my second set I asked Rikki to give me a press call, enforcing a pause at the bottom, tough but I got it! The really great thing too was that Mary let everyone know I as going for a PB and it was like having the will of everyone behind me - or just the pressure to perform... but it really helped and everyone cheered when I got it - awesome!!

During the formalities of the drug testing, I was still quite hyper from the PB and the DCO asked why I was so giggly I told him about how my previous best at Nationals last year was 87.5 and that I just tripled 90 4 weeks out from comp, he laughed and said 'ahh so that's why you're on the RTP' LOL - I wasn't about to tell him it's more likely because I've just come from a non-drug tested federation.

The assumption that I'm good fell out the window the next day at squat training. My 3x3 at 135 turned into a single dismal double. It was my first session in the super suit which had just been taken in again at the shoulders and I was soooo uncomfortable in it. Crap! So backed off a bit and did 2 sets of 5 at 120 instead. Leigh suggested I have another go at the suit later in the week when I'm doing assistance work. I need to control the suit, not the suit control me!

135 double



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