Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 19, 2009

Who says lightning doesn't strike twice?

The black agents swooped again on Saturday morning at training. Just 18 days since the last raid, this time wanting urine AND blood. SMS'd Leigh... who responded jovially with "Chuckle. R they only "taking the piss out of u?" :-p :-p" Bahaha

3 Black agents blending into the background

Once again chaperoned around the gym while we train and because a blood sample is required we must wait around for 20mins after training before they can take blood. So I trained as usual, and waited until the end to provide the urine sample. Arghhh... could only squeeze out 75ml... Fail! When a blood sample is requested you have to provide a 'supersized' sample - 30ml more wee than a regular wee sample of 90ml... So I am granted a 2nd attempt... which is good 'cos powerlifters always get 3 attempts :-) At least the DCO has a sense of humor.

The blood sample wasn't as bad as I had expected, they did bring in a registered nurse to do it and I have to admit she was good, didn't hurt (yes, I am a wimp) but it was over with quickly. But guys, seriously, come around too often and the novelty will wear off fast....

After being traumatized again Madii, Leah and I went out for some retail therapy and stopped into Koko black for a hot chocolate...mmmmm


And... As I haven't been out to the movies in ages... Saturday night I treated myself and Madii adn saw Star Trek , which I *really* enjoyed - not a mad trekki but the movie was entertaining and trying to see recognize Eric Bana as the baddy, Whoa, hard to see it was him. Arrived home around 11, neighbors having a very loud party, and set the alarm for 5.45 am... Ughh early morning squats.... Music got turned down at midnight thankfully but still not enough sleep time!

A little over cautious squatting with the quad strain, but it felt pretty good and I managed some slow and possibly slightly shallow squats at 105 with knee wraps and at 110kg I added my belt!Very little accessory work again and then off home to an ice-bath to head off any swelling in the quad as suggested by the physio. The worst thing... the ice bath hurt my feet and you cant raise your feet out of the ice without raising the quad out too..... Arghhh pain!!!

Why are men's jammies so much more fun....
Ba-ha.. Grumpy! Yep that's me!


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